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1.1   All support boats must register in advance of the event with the IRSTCA Secretary, Emma Hawley at

1.2   Upon arrival Support Boats must report to Ljungskile Segelsällskap Regatta Office. They must not launch before this requirement has been met.

1.3   All Support Boats must register in the regatta office during the registration times. In addition, all support boats are required to display an identification flag whenever on the water during the event.

1.4   Except when responding to the signal in NoR 13.9, support boats, coaches and other support persons shall stay at least 100 metres outside areas where boats are racing from the time of the preparatory signal for the first class to start on that course until all boats have finished or retired or the race committee signals a postponement, general recall or abandonment. [DP].

1.5   During the event, support boats shall not tow boats participating in the event unless the race committee have signalled that towing is allowed.

1.6   In order to prevent fuel spillage, refuelling of boats/tanks is not permitted on the pontoons at LjSS. Removable tanks may be taken offsite to be refuelled at a Service Station.

1.7   Kill cords shall be worn at all times whilst engines are running. The Course Safety Leader will be looking out for compliance on this issue, there are no excuses and boats will be requested to leave the race area immediately if kill cords are not being used appropriately.

1.8   All Support Boat driver shall attend the Support Boat Briefing, the details of which will be advised at Registration.

1.9   All Support Boats will keep a listening watch on the safety channel, which will be advised at the briefing, and if requested to, by the race committee displaying flag V and a repeated rapid sound signals, assist with safety operations under the instructions of the Course Safety Leader.