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Thursday’s weather

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Hi all!

I hope you all had a great day on your layday. After some front passages, we are now looking at a slowly stabilizing trend. A low pressure has just passed and is leaving us on a easterly path. A small high pressure is making a temporary visit tomorrow.

Low pressure is leaving us and a high pressure is approaching. UKMO (valid for tonight)

On the back side of the fronts, there will still be some scattered showers. If these occurs, they can easily define the wind in the short term. Golder rule for dinghy sailors: Go towards approaching squalls (if you like more breeze and most of you do!) and away from where squalls just passed.

Weather chart from Swedish television showing good chances for sun with occasionally rain squalls

The wind will mainly be light to moderate from the southwest all day. It will be a challenge for the Race Committee to get all the races is that they hope for as the wind generally is a few knots lighter in Ljungskile than further out to the coast line.

Wind at noon – Norwegian Meteorology Institute

The good news is that the south-westerly has a better chance of funneling through the passage through Hakefjord. The more to the south, the better chance there is to get good breeze further out in the fjord. The more to the west it is, there are better options closer to the club house.

More runway for southerly breeze furhter out in the fjord (blue) – More runway for westerly furhter in the fjord (red) – Lantmäteriet

Good luck to all!