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Voices From The Boat Park – Thurday 8th

Voices from the boat park – Thurday 8th

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Eoghan Gloster from Santa Barbara in USA

Five quick questions

1. Pizza – (Kidney Pie)

Pizza is nice. I am not so sure about the Kidney Pie

2. Boris Johnson – (Donald Trump)

I don’t know about Boris, But he can’t be worse than Trump

3. (Going to School) – Going sailing

No hesitation here…

4. (Manchester United) – LA Lakers

I am not a big fan of Basketball but of course I am supporting my home teams

5. Strolling in the woods – (Raving at the Disco)

There are not so many discos in Ljungskile, Eoghan points out


Laura Thoudahl from Denmark

I am happy aand having fun. I’ve had a few good starts and am currently on 34th place. We like it here in Ljungskile and this Eastern we were here for a training camp. That was great!

Yesterday I swapped and was an Organizer as our parents were sailing. I kept protocol of the finishes. My grandpa finished last, says Laura and does not look sad at all.


Flynn Davis from Essix in Great Britian

I am coaching here and it is good fun. The best thing about coaching is to see the constant improvement the sailors are doing. It is really rewarding to see previous coaching adepts moving on doing well in other classes. I had a few moving on to the 29er class and won the UK nationals this year!

The RS Tera works well as it teaches the boys and girls the fundamentals of balance and trimming a boat. In a way, the optimist teaches the sailors to sail an Oppie whereas the Tera teaches them sailing, period.

I am doing some sailing myself and in a couple of weeks I will be sailing a J92 at the Burnham Week Regatta. Looking forward to that, says Flynn looking forward to that as well.