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Today’s Weather

Today’s weather

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Hi all! Looking forward to a what we hope will be a great sailing day.

I just thought I’d give you a small weather update.

In the big picture, a high pressure in the middle of Europe will be replaced by a low pressure coming from the British Isles. In Sweden we consider UK’s main export the low pressures we are inheriting from you! 🙂

Synipsis chart from UKMO showing the approaching low pressure with associated front.

As you see in this synoptic chart, it is moving our way and the first front will pass late tonight. The combination of high pressure to the South-East and the low pressure to the South-West gives us a gradient breeze from SSE. Hopefully, the sky will clear a bit and at least give us a few chances to see the sun.

Weather map from SVT (Swedish television) showing glimses of sun later on.

Several different weather models all show the same thing: SSW at around 6 knots. Possibly less early on and a bit more in the afternoon.

Wind map from SMHI (Swedish Meteoroloty Institute). Shading indicate gusty winds.

Wind map from Danish Meteorology Institute