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Sail Racing Goes Way Back In Ljungskile

Sail racing goes way back in Ljungskile

Hi Tera-sailors!

When you participate in the RS Tera World Challenge this summer, you will take part in the first sailing world championship ever arranged in our bay. But sail racing as such is a tradition that goes way back here.

We dug in the archives and found some beautiful pictures from the beginning of the twentieth century. Back then, in the summers, wealthy people came to Ljungskile and our seaside resort Lyckorna for hot and cold baths, strengthening walks and lots of fresh air, preferably enjoyed in a boat out to sea.

The seaside resort activities became an important part of Ljungskiles development and still characterizes the village. When you get here you’ll notice the many magnificent villas that were built as summer houses in the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. While sailing in the bay you will also discover the very distinctive belfry in Lyckorna, the building where the summer guests were once welcomed on arrival.

Today the villas are inhabited all year around and Ljungskile, which was a rather sparsely populated place a hundred years ago, is now an attractive and expanding community with around 4000 inhabitants. A lively village with many different establishments, shops, restaurants, sports clubs, cultural activities and more.

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