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Voices From The Boat Park – Tuesday 6th

Voices from the boat park – Tuesday 6th

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Zoë Sanderson Davies From GBR

We’re playing ”round the world” in Ping-Pong. It is not really not anyone winning as we’re doing it a never ending game.

Yesterday was great! I haven’t sailed Tera Pro for a long time so I was really happy how it went. Before I sailed optimist but this is better. The Tera class is more fun and I don’t have to bail the boat as in the oppie, explains a ping-pond-exhausted Zoë.


Finn Southon from Kent in GBR

I am sailing for Bough Beech Sailing Club. I am in the top 10 and really happy about that. The worlds is a bit different as the rules are more strict. It was really shifty yesterday. We flew here as someone else brought the boat here. I have the whole family with me, including grandma Linda, says Finn


Linda Lejon from Vänersborg, Sweden

I am the one doing the fancy cappuchinos in the tent. It is really nice to be here and the people are real friendly. You can tell they are having a good time here. Yesterday I did a lot of coffees but this morning, hot chocolate is the favourite. Last week I was in Gothenburg selling coffees when famous swedish band “Gyllene Tider” performed at Ullevi stadium for 54 000 people! After this regatta we will go to Power Meet, a big event for Motorsport enthusiasts.