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Voices From The Boat Park After Day 2

Voices from the boat park after day 2

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Agnes Karlsson sailing for home club LjSS

It has been good so far as we have had so many different weather conditions. The first race today was my best so far. I like lighter breeze, mainly because I am doing better then. In the last race of the day, I thought it was harder to sail well as it was more difficult to find the best way around the course and to find good lanes. ‘

I am mainly hanging out with my swedish with few additions from Denmark and England. We are staying in our family boat in the harbour, a First 30. Some day we might race with it. My father wants to and I sure hope he’ll pick me for the crew, says Agnes with a determined look.


Helly Jonsson (left) and Agnes Nord v B (right) doing a great job handing out lunches

Helly Jonsson from Ljungskile, Sweden

I am helping out in the shop and is also handing out food for the sailors when they come in. This year I have attended sailing school at LjSS. First week it was too windy so my parent let me go another week. It is great fun to be here and hang out as several of my sailing school instructors are here sailing: among them are Aron, Tage and Thea.


Max Steele from Great Britian

Racing has been fun as it has not been one-sided on the race course. It feels good. In the first upwind of the last race, I got a yellow flag from the umpires for the propulsion rule. The umpires probably thought I sailed the boat too aggressively (editor find that hard to believe…). Anyway, I managed to progress through the fleet and finished on a 5th place, says Max not looking too sad about the whole thing. (Well done, Max! – Ed.)