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Voices From The Boat Park After Thursday’s Races

Voices from the boat park after Thursday’s races

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Hannah Sasman from Cape Town in South Africa

I had a really good day. Unfortunately I had a black frag disqualification in one race but in the other races I did well. This year we had unusually light breezes at home (usually it is quite windy outside Cape Town) so I had good preparation for this kind of stuff. As we are sailing the Worlds in South Africa, I really hope there is a home advantage then.

Yesterday I went to the amusement park “Liseberg” in Gothenburg. It was great fun and I liked the roller-coaster “Helix” the best. It was steeper, faster and more scary than I anticipated but fun nevertheless. I screamed so much I got a sore voice now, says Hannah enthusiastically.


Anna-Lena “trigger-happy” Wingquist from Ljungskile

I work on the starting vessel and my job is to shoot the gun. Maybe that’s why they call me the “trigger-happy lady”. We had difficult conditions today so we were pretty happy getting all these races in. I must have shot at least hundred shots today!

I am not really a sailor but that might be an advantage as I don’t get distracted by watching the races or worry how my child do in the races, concludes Anna-Lena.


Vanja Ericson from Malta

Me and my family lives in Malta but we come from Sweden. My mother and father got jobs there. One advantage with Malta is that it is warm and you can sail all year around. However, in the summer there is not so much wind. There are not really any RS Teras there (yet). I have good support with the whole family with Father Robin, mother Christine, sister Adele and brother Casper. My coach is back in Malta so he is coaching me by sms (!)

Usually, I sail the RS Feva which we have on Malta and me and my crew were 9th in the Silver Fleet of the World Championships. I am sailing with my crew Maja Dahlin and even though that sounds Swedish, she is actually British. We are both moving to England later on but fortunately she is as well so we can continue sailing then, says a happy Vanja.