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Friday’s Weather

Friday’s weather

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Hi all!

Welcome to last day of the RS Tera Worlds. Today we’re looking at a great day for a picnic on Ulvön rather than sailing on Ljungskile bay. We are right not in a high pressure ridge from a high pressure to the north-west of us.

High pressure to the North-West. New fronts coming in but willl not affect us today

This high pressure ridge means mainly nice sunny weather.

Good day for a picnic!

Unfortunately, it also means weak gradient breeze. We have decent chances of a sea breeze, but it will arrive quite late as it take time for it to progress all the way into Ljungskile.

See breeze over opposing Orust, borderline of making it to Ljungskile – Norwegian Meteorology Institute

The wind observations to the west of us will give us some notice if and when the see breeze is coming our way. We just have to be as patient as the Race Committee will have to be. The Sailing Instructions says “No warning signal after 15:00, so there is no stress”.

Good luck!