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The Water

The water

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The winter snow is melting and the water streams down the hills all the way to the bay where the Tera sailers will compete this summer.

Water, H2O, is actually one of the most fascinating substances on earth. There wouldn’t be any life without it for a start. But it also has so many special characteristics because of the molecule’s strong (hydrogen) bonding and polarity. 

The polarity makes water a great solvent for nearly anything. It also creates great capillarity, a force that for example trees can use to suck up water from the roots to the tops.

Water is also the only liquid that actually becomes less dense as it cools towards freezing point. This allows water in its sole state (ice) to float on its liquid form. This in turn has many upsides, like making it possible for fish to survive beneath the ice sheet and for us to go skating on top of it.

Around 70 percent of the earth is covered by water, but only around three per cent is fresh water. As important as these water resources are to us and all other living organisms we have to take good care of them, right? 

Sweden is a country with good access to water and the tap water is of excellent drinking quality. Therefore there’s no need to buy bottled water when here, just bring a bottle and fill it straight from the tap.