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Voices From The Boat Park After Day 1

Voices from the boat park after Day 1

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Evelina Jokubauskaite from Vilnius in Lithuania

The Lithuanian team

It is just amazing being here. We are having a great time and we live a few kilometers north of Ljungskile. In the last race me and one of my Lithuanian team mates had an internal fight for the pin end of the starting line. In the end, I got the upper hand and had a good start but unfortunately it was too early and I got a black flag disqualification.

Vilnius in not by the sea but a bit inland. We are sailing on lakes, one of them is Galvé just outside town. This is quite similar as the wind is changing a lot. Fun!


Noel Voinescu from Constanta in Romania

I did not do so well in the 2nd race, when I missed the start, but in the 3rd race I did a lot better. That was great. We started our trip here from Romania on the 27th of July but we have been visiting different places on the way. We spend 4 days in Kristianstad where my sister is studying and also some days visiting places like Copenhagen and Malmoe. At home now it is 35 degres but we like it here anyway. I hope I maybe can do University studies or similar in Scandinavia in the future, says a hopeful Noel.


Hanna Wallström, a local sailor from Ljungskile

I had a mixed bag of results but I thought it was great out there. It is obviously very shifty but it is exciting when so much is happening during the races. We do not have so much of a local advantage as we almost always practice sailing in the bay just outside the club house, explains Hanna.