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Tuesday’s weather

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Hi all and welcome to another day in Ljungskile!

Today, we have maybe a bit more complex day weather wise. Early this morning we had a front passage (a so called occluded front) and there have been secondary fronts as well. All this happened while you were sleeping like babies, surely exhausted from yesterday’s racing.

UKMO Synopsis showing passing fronts

One more big front will pass later today around mid day. All this means that the wind will be very dictated by the squalls between and after the fronts. A squall pushes the wind ahead and gives more wind before its passage and less afterwards. Look out for the wind holes!


Danish Meteorology Institute – Wind at 11, local time

Danish Meteorology Institute – Wind at 15, local time

The fronts comes from a low pressure that is passing from west to east, passing to the north of us. That means that the wind will swing from the south to the west during the day and increase in the afternoon.

Bottom line: First light and variable from the south with squalls passing by. Then westerlies, more breeze but shifty as the wind comes offshore from opposing land Orust.

Good luck!