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Voices From The Boat Park After Practice Race

Voices from the boat park after Practice Race

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Post-race talk with the coaching team

Imogen (sailor) and Jane (parent) Wade from Draycote Water Sailing Club in GBR

It was good sailing today. I finished somewhere around 6th. Even if I hope to do better it is not to far away to my expectations, explains Imogon.

We were a group of people from the middle and north of England that came yesterday by plane. My husband drove here with 7 Teras on a trailer. We love it so far but please arrange a bit more sunshine please, says mother Harriet wishfully.


Jussi Santonen from Lilla Edet in Sweden

I had a good day. I went to the island Ulvön (on the opposite side of the bay) to watch the racing. With a positive attitude, some binoculars and a thermos of coffee, it is a very good place to go. You don’t even need a boat to go there as it is connected by a bridge from dry land. Best thing is to bike around the bay, walk across the small island to the beach on the other side. Check it out at here.


Martin Jakobsen from Vallensbæk, Denmark

We came from Denmark yesterday. So far so good and we just live around the corner. I think I finished maybe around 10th or so. The important thing was I had fun. I am happy to be here but I find Swedish hard to understand even if it is supposed to be similar to Danish, says Martin.


Peter Dahl from LjSS

I am working on laying the course. The hardest thing is that the rounding marks are so big. When we have them onboard the motor boat, it is very hard to see where we are going.  The best thing was that the breeze held well and once we got the course layed, it worked well for the whole race and was clear of any islands. The westerly always comes offshore from opposite Orust but there were some runway from there to the course, so it was good conditions, concludes Peter.